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bugbites food truck
instructor: paul sheriff

bugbites was a semester long project in which we had to create an entire brand for a restaurant/food truck. my concept was to make the practice of eating bugs seem less intimidating by using friendly and simple graphics. i wanted to explore this topic as i find it interesting that bugs as protein are more common elsewhere in the world but almost completely absent from our culture. by creating icons of bug characters i was able to create an inviting brand that was far from the discomfort often associated with this type of food.

"bugbites' mission is to prove that eating insects isn't gross, and that its tasty too! we want to expose the western world to the wonders of entomophagy and it's many health benefits! our foodtruck will travel near and far to spread this message!"

social media

for the social media portion, i wanted to utilize interesting facts about the practice of eating bugs to make it seem less daunting. the educational aspect plays into the brands mission and also gives it a somewhat youthful feel. i made everything very bright so that it would theoretically stand out on someone's timeline. the main bug character seen in the logo was repeated throughout to establish the existing brand.


the bugs in this project had a sticker-like quality to begin with, so it made sense to use stickers as the main collateral component. social media elements are incorporated through the use of hashtags, a continuation of what was established in the digital section.


these sketches were from the logo creation process. it was hard to decide whether to lean more typographic or more illustrative, and what typefaces to use. i ended up creating custom type to give it the exact vibe i wanted. once i created the main mascot, i had to figure out how to align him with the type. it was a long process but in the end i think it paid off.