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internship with temple university's
housing and residential life department

i started my internship at temple during march 2022, and have worked on a wide range of projects including guides, brochures, pamphlets, banners, posters, social media posts, four winds displays, t-shirts and more. it has been a great opportunity to hone my design skills in the professional world and experience collaborating with designers and art directors.

llc poster

this was part of a series of posters advertising living learning communities, which are small groups of students that share a common interest and live on the same floor together.

safety checklist

this was a guide i made for students to bring with them while touring off campus housing. the school wanted to provide them some assistance so that no one felt lost.

presentation work

over the course of this internship i've had to design for a lot of different presentations, utilizing different design themes. sometimes we could use the standard temple style, but for some organizations we had to work within their guidelines.

fall move-in guide 2022
collaborators: meghan cole, kaitlyn gross, emma stevens

the fall move in guide is updated yearly to help incoming students navigate their transition into the residence halls. it provides information about what they can bring and who they should talk to about certain issues. it also serves as an introduction to the school as a whole. i created the truck and bed icons for this project, and assisted in the overall layout and design.

postcard for resident assistant applications

this was a postcard sent to students to advertise the application for the resident assistant and peer mentor positions. the front of the posctard was also used as a screen display.

social media post

this post was part of a series of different job postings for positions within the university.