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roam magazine
instructor: jennifer stern

This is the cover of the magazine. An image of two children
eating icecream and wearing matching outfits takes up the whole screen. The children are on a tiny
pier that is nearly submerged in the water. The magazine is called ROAM,
and the logo makes the O look like the sun and the A and M look like mountains.

roam is a magazine about travel. this issue features photos by charles traub and the copy for the feature article is from time magazine and business insider. i wanted to capture the laid back vibe of the photos with soft colors, and utilize older looking fonts to represent the aesthetics of the time period.

This is the first spread of the magazine. 
The page on the left side shows two men sitting on a bench in front of an ancient statue. A girl is off to the side
in the dark. Under the image there is text that says [italia 1980: featuring the work of charles traub, we trace the history
of italian culture through the lens of these gorgeous images]. On the right side of the spread there is a table
of contents for the magazine.

This is the second spread of the magazine. On the left there is an image
that takes up the whole page, which depicts one couple smoking and sitting on the grass while another couple hugs
in the distance. The man smoking looks directly into the camera.
The background of the image shows a body of water and a barely visible mountain. On the right side of the spread there
are three images as well as the beginning of the Italia 1980 article. The images are: two women from behind holding hands and 
walking on the sidewalk whilst holding bags, a married couple getting their photo taken on a rock, and a couple on
a bench in a shady park.

This is the third and final spread of the magazine. 
On the left the article continues and there are also two images. The one image is an older woman 
accompanined by two small children who are holding hands. The one child also has a basketball under his
arm. The other image is an old man sitting with a cane while a small child next to him looks extremely
bored. On the right side of the spread half the page is taken up by an image of a family in a park. 
They are sitting on a bench next to a lion statue. An old man sits on the left reading a book, and is
wearing a makeshift hat made of newspaper. An older woman sits in the middle with her arms crossed 
looking in the distance. A young person sits with their arms crossed on the right, with either a 
concentrated or frustrated look on their face.