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wedding collateral

*personal information changed for privacy
for this freelance project, i created various collateral for a destination wedding in italy. the wedding was on a donkey farm in a remote village, so the couple wanted the imagery to reflect that.

rsvp mailer

for the rsvp mailer, the couple wanted it to closely resemble a vintage postcard given the unique nature of the wedding. i edited a photo of the town to look as though it was taken in the past, and edited the text to match the style of the time period. for the backside of the card, it needed to function as a normal rsvp would, while still maintaining the postcard style. i also illustrated a small donkey icon as a reference to the location of the reception.


because some of the guests were italian residents, they were sent e-vites rather than print because of shipping costs. this required both an italian and english version of the invite, which i translated myself. the bride wanted the color blue to be used throughout, and for the invite to be simple and straightfoward with primarily text elements.


an email was sent to all the guests the week of the wedding to inform them of the scheduled events. i incorporated some vintage illustrations i found and edited to add some flair.